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Ancient Coffins Buried Over 2,500 Years Go Unearthed In Egypt

Ancient Coffins Buried Over 2,500 Years Go Unearthed In Egypt

A large-scale archaeological dig in Egypt has led to the discovery of another 80 ancient coffins just weeks after the initial discovery was announced.

The Tourism and Antiquities Ministry announced another huge find at the ancient Saqqara necropolis, with Mostafa Waziri, secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, revealing that more than 80 coffins were uncovered.

Archaeologists also found colourful, gilded statues buried alongside the sarcophagi. Despite being buried for thousands of years the coffins have been incredibly well preserved, with vibrant painted faces and patterns still clearly visible on the surface.

Prime Minister Mustafa Madbouly joined el-Anany to inspect the new discovery. The Prime Minister was keen to go into the burial site to see first-hand the new findings and the coffins that were revealed inside the shaft.

Madbouly is said to have thanked the Tourism and Antiquities Ministry and the Supreme Council for Antiquities for the ‘efforts of this generation of archaeologists for unprecedented discoveries.’

In return el-Anany thanked the prime minister and the government for its support in making the discoveries. The ministry says the encouragement from the government has led to the completion of many archaeological projects that have been praised by the whole world.

Full details of the latest discovery are set yo be announced in the coming weeks during a press conference at Saqqara, once authorities have completed the documentation of the find.

As well as being home to dozens of burials, the necropolis at Memphis also includes the famed pyramids of Giza.

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