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Diamonds created from the sky in the UK

A UK based company has discovered a way to mine diamonds from the sky. The pioneering technology which uses a combination of rainwater and carbon from the Earth's atmosphere, along with renewable energy sources, is believed to create the world's first “zero impact” diamonds. This leap into the world of renewable gemstones was the brainchild of Dale Vince, founder of green energy firm Ecotricity. The team behind the discovery have spent over five years working on the technology, ensuring that the finished product is chemically and physically identical to the diamonds found in the Earth. The product, which is being called Sky Diamonds, takes a few weeks to make and has been authenticated by the International Gemological Institute. Sky Diamonds are being dubbed as “the bling without the string”. Speaking about what this discovery could mean, Mr Vince said, “The entire ingredient list comes from the sky and it’s not just low or zero carbon, it’s actually negative carbon in that respect, because we are locking up atmospheric carbon into a very permanent form of carbon: the diamond”. He went on to say “we no longer need to dig these enormous holes in the ground - they are visible from space, some of them. We don’t need to do that to get diamonds, we can just make them from the sky.” Talking about the technology behind the diamonds, Mr Vince said “We see this as 21st century technology, the exact kind of thing we need to be doing to fight the climate and other sustainability crisis, but also enable us to carry on ,living the way that we’re used to living and want to live”. It is believed that the diamonds will be available to pre-order and for collaborations early in 2021.

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