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Gig Review: Bicep @ Printworks

Gig Review: Bicep @ Printworks

Following the success of Bicep’s eponymous debut album, the Belfast duo held a 3-night sell-out show at one of London’s most iconic venues – Printworks.

Biceps recent meteoric rise will be well remembered as part of electronic music history. Going from strength to strength since the release of their latest album, the announcement of the headline show sent fans into a frenzy.

Tickets sold out within minutes and it was earmarked as the premier event in the 2018 electronic music calendar. Anticipation and excitement had been building for a good few months ever since tickets were purchased. it was certainly worth the wait.

Bicep live shows are heralded for their immersion and they have no problem with integrating a crowd into their set in hedonistic fashion. Upon entry into the East London venue, it was apparent that this would be the perfect showground as it had been rearranged for maximum effect with one room as the centrepiece.

In terms of the music, naturally, the most recent album featured heavily throughout with ‘Opal’ and ‘Aura’ particular highlights. However, they were more than happy to delve into their ridiculous back catalogue. It is easy to forget just how many elite tier tracks they have released since forming in 2009. The energy was tangible and you could hear the pulses increasing at the realisation of ‘Just’ or ‘Dahlia’ blasting from the speaker system. 

In what is now quickly becoming a tradition in closing off the set, the final light show commenced through an extended rendition of ‘Glue’. In the most spectacular finale you could bear witness to, a sky projected just out of reach of the crowds whilst lasers ricocheted around the room. The atmosphere was incredible as the familiar tones of their most-popular track thumped out. 

Biceps status in the upper echelons of electronic music is cemented. If you have an opportunity to see them live – take it.

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