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Google to Launch New Budget Smartphone

Amongst products unveiled by Google at a virtual launch event recently, was a new version of their budget-friendly Pixel smartphone. The Pixel 5 has been designed to be affordable but still up-to-date and relevant. While they have ditched face-unlock technology in favour of the cheaper fingerprint unlock found on the Pixel 3 model, they have upgraded the RAM to 8GB and given the model 128GB of storage as well as 5G connectivity. It also features a 6 inch screen and upgraded photography features with a wider angle lens on one of the rear cameras and a new stabilising mode for video. Google says that the new phone is “designed for economic downturn” and that, even though designs had been secured before the coronavirus pandemic began, a conscious decision had been made that this was the right time to launch the product. Priced at £599, this mid-range offering from Google will face competition from the new Samsung S20FE and OnePlus 8T models. Pre-orders for the Pixel 5 are now live.

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