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Join Efficient Homes Renewable Revolution

Efficient Homes are one of the leading renewable energy companies in the UK, and they are on a planet-saving mission.

Efficient Homes are one of the leading renewable energy companies in the UK, and they are on a planet-saving mission. For the past five years, Managing Director; Jesse Hitchings has been spearheading the solar energy industry with installs all over the United Kingdom. But from 2021, things are heating up a notch.

We all know the benefits of solar energy, there is no doubt that conventional energy sources are drastically depleted and have had a devastating impact on the environment. Solar power has the potential to harvest the power from the sun and convert it into usable power. The result? Renewable power sources that are not dependent on finite, damaging resources. What’s more, most solar panel installations pay for themselves and in most cases even earn money within a matter of years.

In 2021, Efficient Homes will be donating proceeds from every solar installation to charity Solar Aid who combat poverty and climate change in developing nations. With the plans in place, Jesse Hitchings is making it a company mission to offset 3,000 tonnes of CO2 and allow 8,000 people in developing nations live a heathier life.

“Not only is this allowing people to live a better life, we also feel responsible for reducing the amount of emissions and ensuring a sustainable planet for future generations,“ Managing Director of Efficient Homes Jesse Hitchings says, “We want as many people as we can to join our mission, by not only reducing their carbon footprint, but to help save lives in developing nations through Solar Aid.“

When customers join Efficient Homes, they are doing so in the knowledge that their Solar PV Systems are going towards building a better world and trying to keep the planet in a healthy state. If you are looking to join the renewable revolution, visit EfficientHomes.org today.

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