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Xbox is coming to iPhone

Microsoft is planning on bringing its Xbox streaming service to iPhone early next year. The Game Pass service launched last month for Android, but plans to launch on iPhone simultaneously were blocked from the iOs app store. Apple had said that for the app to be approved, all of the games would need to be listed individually before launch. The service works by presenting users with a selection of games to choose from which are streamed automatically when selected. The interface is continuously updated which is where Microsoft ran into problems with iOs tech. Apple's app store rules would have meant that every time Microsoft wanted to load a new game onto the interface, it would have needed to be submitted to the app store and frequent updates to the app would have been required. Apple have, however, recently clarified their rules and state that “open internet and web browser apps” are now acceptable. So this is the direction that Microsoft has taken with the Xbox app. According to reports by Business Insider and The Verge, Microsoft are now developing a web browser version of the app. Xbox head, Phil Spencer, has said “we absolutely will end up on iOs”. The decision to move towards a web browser option follows the lead of others who have recently launched similar options such as Google Stadia which has the ability to turn your smartphone or television into an entire games console. Amazon have also announced their intention to launch a game streaming service called Luna which will be another web browser service.

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